Black Soldier Fly Larvae

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**Small - great for hatchlings to 3 months of age (approx 1/4" to 5/8")

**Large - perfect for every sized critter (approx 1" if not larger)

  • presifted cocofiber, frass/barley substrate
  • raised indoors

**Bulk Only

  • smalls - 1/4" to 5/8"
  • delivery 7 to 10 business days after order
  • plus shipping, if a weather box is required, it must contain 2 heat/chill packs

ReptiWorms™*, Phoenix Worms®** and Calciworms®*** are all branded names of the same species of Black Soldier Fly Larvae ("BSFL") known as Hermetia illucens)! 

*(Reptiworms is a registered trademark of Insect Science Resource LLC. All rights reserved)
**(Phoenix Worms® is a registered trademark of Insect Resource LLC. All rights reserved)
***(Calciworms® is a registered trademark of Timerberline Fisheries. All rights reserved)

Ready to serve, with no need to dust or gut load before feeding to your pet.

Naturally nutritious, high in calcium, low in fat.

Approximately 20 - 60 times more calcium than other commonly fed feeder insects.

Ideal 1.5:1 Calcium:Phosphorus ratio.

Contain high amounts of lauric acid which helps battle diseases such as Coccidia.

No need to culture them.

No need to feed them.

Stay fresh in their container for approximately 2 weeks at room temperature (see below for extended storage instructions).**

Do not make noise.

May smell like dirt. If it smells any other way, contact us.

Wiggle intensely, which may excite your pet.

May help stimulate the appetite of animals that do not readily feed -- great for picky eaters!

Enticing to most pets, including dart frogs, geckos, bearded dragons, chameleons, turtles, birds, fish, spiders and many more.

The superior nutrition of BSFL is great for hatchlings, helps gravid females or those who have just laid, and may halt or even reverse metabolic bone disease.

BSFL are a perfect alternative to crickets, superworms, mealworms and waxworms.

**DO NOT REFRIGERATE YOUR BSFL they are too cold and may cause them to die. Store your BSFL between 50 and 60 degrees F could prolong their shelf life. When ready to feed, bring the amount you want to use to room temperature and they will become active again.

We always include an over count with your order. The shelf-life of our larvae is at least 2 weeks if stored as instructed. **Do not store at temperatures lower than 50 degrees**

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