We are sure that you and your reptile will love these black soldier fly larvae. 

For those not familiar with black soldier fly larvae (known by several different names including phoenix worms), these are a nutrient dense, high calcium feeder. 


BSFL are shipped in presifted cocofiber, frass and possible food. It is recommended to keep a lid on the container to maintain a humid environment. To prepare BSFL for your reptile, rinse in a sink strainer and then dry them with a paper towel (Strainer: video, different substrate, same concept


You should plan to use the larvae within two weeks of purchase. BSFL cannot handle extreme temperatures for long periods of time. Keep them at room temperature. Temperatures lower than 50 or higher than 85 may result in death of your BSFL. 


BSFL will begin to darken in 7 to 10 days of purchase. When they turn black, they will stop moving, turn hard and stiff, and begin transforming into the adult stage. Pupation takes 10 – 14 days. Feed off prior to the worms becoming hard and stiff. Worms do not need fed. The flies are just as nutritious, feed them off and watch the entertainment. 


Our larvae are fed starter chick food and at times a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables from the “Acceptable Bearded Dragon Food List”. This list can be found in most bearded dragon Facebook groups or we can provide a copy of this list to you.

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