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Who Are We

We are a 3 Generation Team (Mom - Debbie, myself - Tina, Daughter -Misty) that love these dragons as children and they are treated as such. 

We rescued Lucy (the one that started it all) and then came Leo and Lillie, (the original 3 "littles"). From there it snowballed to 13 bearded dragons, however we now only have 6. The Littles (they were small at the time) became Luxurious Littles.

With all of those mouths to feed we had to find something that wouldn't break the bank. Then, BSFL were acquired, raising them accomplished, and selling them to others for their babies.

What We Offer

All our feeder insects are fed a chow, veggies and fruits. This enables our feeders to be fed right away instead of needing to be gut loaded.

One of the healthiest staple feeders you can offer your critter is the Black Soldier Fly Larvae! We breed and raise ours in a controlled indoor environment with a cocofiber and frass substrate.

Black Soldier Fly Larvae

Black Soldier Flies are native in most areas. They can be found around compost areas. Flies are shiny and resemble a wasp, however they have no digestive system but somehow drink water.

In addition to being a perfect feeder, they are also a valuable composter.

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