What's up with the different sizes?

Posted by Tina Chaney on

So many times we see that people want smalls, mediums or large bsfl. Well honestly bsfl only get to approx 1" full grown. We have previously ordered from other companies to compare sizes.

So exactly why would one want a different size? Well that can be answered on a personal note only. Our smalls are most companies mediums. Large are the biggest we can get them and still safely say they have about 2 weeks of life left.

Our smalls can be used for hatchlings up to approx 2 or 3 months old. They are large enough to be seen yet small enough not to worry about choking. Smalls can always be fed soft foods to get them to grow larger. Remember what goes, in must come out and the media may need changed.

Large are approx 1" give or take. Keep in mind the larger they are the shorter their "shelf life"

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