We may like frozen dinners but our reptiles don’t enjoy frozen bugs.

Posted by Jeffrey Kirsh on

As reptile keepers we know how important it is for our customers to try to give your pets the best. 

We love our hard working and essential delivery workers, however we cannot offer Live Arrival Guarantees on shipments with the following exceptions. 1. USPS must be held at the post office. 2. All shipments must have a weather box if temps are below 50 degrees or above 80. We understand how important it is for you to be able to count on us which is why we are looking into alternate solutions. 

We may like frozen dinners but our reptiles don’t enjoy frozen bugs.  Live bugs don’t like to be frozen  either.  And they don’t like to be baked.  In temperatures below 50 or above 80 degrees we strongly advise you take additional but simple steps to keep your feeder insects safe and alive.  If shipping USPS, “Hold for Pickup” is a free service.  Also include in your order a chill pack if warmer weather is predicted between you and us.  Or a heat pack in colder weather.  We want your reptile to have healthy feeders and we know you do too.

Temps under 50 and over 80 must have a weather box to be covered under the Live Arrival Guarantee! (only required on live product; only 1 per order required) NO LAG WHEN TEMPERATURES ARE BELOW ZERO OR OVER 95F DEGREES! 

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