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New Shipping Options

Posted by Jeffrey Kirsh on

We have added new shipping options to give you more choices to meet your needs. We have 2 shipping options with the USPS. 1. First class Mail.2. USPS Priority mail (slightly faster) Please note that given the current delays with the USPS due to COVID, we are unable to offer a live arrival guarantee with USPS options. FedEx Options.1. FedEx overnight shipping, which comes with a Live Arrival Guarantee. 2. Effective immediately, we are happy to provide a new FedEx option:"Express-Worry Free, Live Arrival Guarantee (LAG)" option. With Worry Free delivery you get a heat or cold pack included (usually...

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Shipping Changes

Posted by Tina Chaney on

We are pleased to offer 2 day FedEx shipping to our customers at a reasonable price.

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LAG (Live Arrival Guarantee) Changes

Posted by Tina Chaney on

Previously the LAG included "hold at post office". As this is a great way to ensure the safe arrival of your package, it is not a fix all. Packages still travel in vehicles that are not temperature controlled. To ensure the safe arrival of your package, LAG will no longer include being held at the post office. We feel it's still a good idea to have your package held at the post office in addition to the weather box.

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