So many updates

Posted by Tina Chaney on

There are so many things I want to share with you guys, so just hang onto your seats and see how this goes.

We have decided to raise all of our feeders (except where we need to supplement until our stock establishes). This means more work but we are confident that by providing the full cycle of life for our feeders will give our customers the best we have to offer.

Silkworms are on the menu. We have added silkworms when they are available. These are still in the trial and error stage but we are confident we will work out all the bugs (haha)

Quantity changes. There will be more options when purchasing hornworms and hornworm chow.

Subscription updates. We have yet to find a program we are 100% satisfied with regarding recurring orders. Please be patient while we continue to work on this. In addition, check your recurring order often to make sure it is correct.

Contests. The last contest was a huge hit so we are going to be doing them more often. Make sure to follow the rules for your chance to win.

Finally, we at Luxurious Littles want to thank each and every one of you. Without you we would not be who we are. Customer service is not spared on our end and we always like hearing back from our customers (and their owners)

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