Hoppers are here!

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They are finally here. Grasshoppers. We think of them as Crickets 2.0. Why? Well unlike crickets, hoppers don’t smell, chirp, or bite or attack your pet. They also don’t have the same issues with parasites or gnats. If you are also tired of your crickets dying quickly then hoppers are your solution. Their life span is 10 months to 1 year. They are also a more substantial feeder with a more protein to shell (exoskeleton) ratio.

Having trouble finding Dubia. No worries, use hoppers. They are similar in nutrition but have the advantage of not hiding. One hopper is equal to two dubia. They are also great for reluctant eaters.

You can keep them the them the same way you keep your crickets. You can feed them veggies like romaine lettuce as well as wheat bran (or buy our Littles Specialty Wheat Bran). If you put them in your old cricket keeper (getting rid of the crickets first), block up the tube or remove it and close up the hole so they don’t escape.

We are selling Schistocerca nitens or Schistocerca americana* (whichever is permitted in your state) (color will vary)

Newborn to 1 week old approx. 3/8” or less

Small – 1 to 2 weeks old approx. 3/8 to 1”

Medium – 2 weeks to 3 weeks old approx. 1 to 1 ½”

Large – 3 to 4 weeks old approx. 2 to 2 ½” Adult: Males 3”, Females 4 to 5”

They are prolific. If you are interested in cultivating your own hoppers purchase our Breeding Program. You get 50 ct mixed hoppers and a guided breeding program Newly hatched mature to adult in approximately 5 weeks. Breeding age and females are able to lay eggs by approximately 9 weeks.


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