Changes coming to the USPS starting October 1st.

Posted by Jeffrey Kirsh on

Changes coming to the USPS starting today, October 1st. Read about it here . What will impact us: Delays in First Class mail : First-class package service (smaller, lightweight parcels): The Postal Service says 32% of packages will now be delivered in four to five days, with the longest distances having the longest timetable (such as between California and New York). The remainder (68% of packages) will still be delivered in two to three days.

Price increases for Priority Mail: The US Postal Service also announced a temporary price increase on commercial and retail domestic package shipments for the 2021 peak fall and holiday season, in effect Oct. 3 through Dec. 26. The price increases range from 25 cents to $5 per package on priority mail, priority mail express and first-class package service. We will update our website with changes in shipping rates in the coming days. Meanwhile for fastest delivery through the USPS, we advise using Priority Mail.


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